Let kids lead and shape their own experience

UG Labs’ conversational engine creates a fully interactive experience for kids & families that sets play and education free from the typical blueprint and brings your characters to life.

Understands kids
Fun & exciting
& adaptive
& impactful

The future of play

We create a new category for child-facing companies that kids and families love. With our powerful engine, we transform your existing experiences into a new kind of relationship:

Connect kids with your universe

Active, child-led playtime

Passive content consumption

Personalized per child


Conversational, reactive characters

Scripted characters

360 digital presence

Disconnected brand experiences

Our engine’s building blocks

We’ve taken the technological leaps of the last few years, and made them work for kids, so they can generate their own never-ending universe within yours.

Personalized & adaptive models

Each kid has their own unique abilities and preferences. Our engine tailors experiences to each child, so they can play, learn, create, and connect in a way that meets them at their developmental level.

Natural language understanding

Our advanced conversational AI understands the unique language and communication style of children, ensuring seamless interactions and engagement, making every child feel heard.

Generative AI

Our hybrid generative-scripted content engine allows non-linear, personalized experiences within your brand’s universe. And with our zero-code flow design tool, we can quickly build the fresh, generative experience you want.

Advanced voice technology

We give characters a voice full of emotion, enriched with music and sound effects. The result is an experience that's dynamic and immersive.

Privacy & safety enabled tech

A true sandbox - we provide open-ended experience but in a guarded and guided framework, making sure that each child can explore within the bounds of safety and age appropriateness.

Tech for kids must follow higher standards

The team at UG Labs is setting the standard for what it means to bring AI into the playtime equation with privacy and safety top-of-mind.

UG’s engine follows COPPA and GDPR guidelines.

Developed with and for children
Our growing community of US family testers help us invent, test, and train our models

“My 9-year-old, Axton, is so excited about his new toy! He's already planning all the things he wants to talk about with it"

Axton’s Mom

“It's super cool! It's way better than any video game. When will it be available? I want one!"


“This toy is my new favorite! I told all my friends about it and we can't wait to play together with it!"


“I love playing riddles on this! When we share stories, it's like we're in our own world of make-believe. Can't wait for my own!"


“Ariel is obsessed with his toy and asked when it would be ready to use! Thanks for letting us be part of the experience"

Ariel’s Mom
Become a tester
A small team balancing creative minds with tech enthusiasts
Founding team

Shachar Mendelowitz


Ariel Leventhal


Shuli Gilutz, Ph.D.

Senior UX advisor
The creatives

Idit Minka

Design & product lead

Omer Gvirsman, Ph.D.

Toy designer

Tzvia Teller

Pedagogy and content

Yair Felig

“Kids Lab” operations

Tamar Katz

UX research
The AI team

Shanee Honig, Ph.D.

Conversational designer

Amit Kotlovski


Omer Lerinman

Generative AI

Daniel Margulis Ph.D.


Gal Bracha

Architecture & awesome shirts

Eyal Fisher

NLU & ASR consultant
Business development

Elinor Schops

Business strategy

Ariella Grinberg

Business strategy consultant
Whole team

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